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What is individual differences?

Individual differences are the variations and differences that each  person has and how they think and behave. These are what makes each  individual different and they vary (MORE)

What is the difference between principle and a doctrine?

In religious or scriptural terms, a doctrine is a statement of truth - a historical or eternal verity or fact. A principle is a doctrine packaged for application. Principles t (MORE)

What is the difference between principal and principle?

Principal can be a noun or adjective, pertaining to a primary concept: (noun) 1 - The administrative head of a school (e.g. high school principal) 2 - The amount borrowed (MORE)

What is the difference between principle and principal?

Principle: it's a kind of rule or the fact of it being. Example: If someone's rich and lives in a valuable but old building and the government expects the homeowners to pay (MORE)
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How does the harm principle differ from paternalism?

According to the harm principle, we are only justified in interfering with a person's liberty if that person uses her liberty to harm others. This rules out paternalism, or in (MORE)

What are the different principles of paragraph development?

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What is the difference between concept and principle?

A concept is an idea of something not yet produced. A principal is  a standard that is adhered to by an individual or imposed on a  group.
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