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What is a indole positive organism?

Aeromonas hydrophilia , Aeromonas punctata , Bacillus alvei , most Citrobacter sp., Edwardsiella Escherichia coli , Flavobacterium sp., Haem ( Full Answer )
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What is indole?

Indoles are compounds formed in response to a catastrophic disruption within plant cells. They include: . Allicin , a sulphur-containing compound that formed when the garlic ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of indolence?

Indolence is an excessive love of comfort or pleasure that causes a person to habitually neglect work or duties.
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How to use indolent in a sentence?

Indolent is a word which means lazy. The word conjures up images of hot, lackadasical people. These people will work, but only if they have to.. "Mary was indolent in the ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for the word Indolent?

Indolent is someone who is lazy and does not want to do anything. Agood sentence would be, she was very indolent after she had notslept well the night before.
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A sentence for indolent?

"Indolent" is properly defined as "lazy" or "slothful". Anexample-sentence which uses "indolent" properly is this one: "Hisindolent behavior finally landed him in hot water -- ( Full Answer )
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How do you define indolence?

'Indolence' is defined as severe addiction to rest or pleasure causing one to be averse to work or exertion.
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What is indole positive?

An organic or inorganic form of matter that has traces of the bacteria indole's chemical composition on any scale is indole positive. Travis Winder, Baltimore MD., 03/25/11 ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of indole?

indole has various use in industries of perfume, pharma . It is used to prepare jasmine oil, orange oil and it is found in coal tar.