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What is maritime industry?

In broadest terms, it includes all enterprises engaged in the business of designing, constructing, manufacturing, acquiring, operating, supplying, repairing and/or maintaining (MORE)

What is the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was an era in which production shifted from cottage industries using simple hand tools to factories using complex machines powered by water and then (MORE)

What attracts you to the industry?

Prospective employers often ask what attracts you to the industry  that you are applying for. Questions like this help them determine  if someone is a good fit for the posit (MORE)

What is industrial sickness?

  As industrial sickness is an umbrella term applied to various things associated with industry that make people ill and cause them to miss work.   The solutions will h (MORE)
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Industries of Switzerland?

Although raw materials are very limited in Switzerland, the country has a world-class manufacturing economy fabricating raw material imports into high-value added exports. The (MORE)

Who financed the industrial revolution's industries?

Most new industries were financed by small investors- merchants, shopkeepers, and farmers. These people invested some of their money in hope of earning profits if the new busi (MORE)

What are Bulgarian's industries?

Bulgaria has several sectors of industrial engagement: 1. Energy sector: Electricity producing sectors: hydro, coal and atomic 2. Service sector: Tiurism is the main 3. Produc (MORE)