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What is an industry?

An industry is described as a generic term for a distinct group of economic activities. Industries are described and classified by their primary activity or product.
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What did industrialization do?

Industrialization brought cities into the modern age, by creating  factories that produced goods, and provided employment for people  in the city. The Industrial Revolution (MORE)

What is industrialism?

One answer: 'Industrialism' is a 'rational' concept, like all the isms. Industrialism is greed mechanized. For Industrialization see actual answer Actual answer: Industri (MORE)

What is a industrialization?

Industrialization is a process in which a country transforms itself  from an agricultural society into one who manufactures goods and  services. One of the characteristics o (MORE)

What is 'industry'?

"Industry" is the branch of economic activity concerned with manufacturing goods - whether finished products or 'semi-products' (products that go into other products) - from r (MORE)
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What industries are in Italy's industrial triangle?

It is a economic triangle in the North of Italy. It is the richest part of Italy.It creates the famous brands of cars such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari etc. Many factories bri (MORE)
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What does industrialized?

it is a word that describes an economy that relies less on farming and more manufacturing