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Why are antibiotics ineffective against viruses?

Antibiotics are ineffective because antibiotics are only effective against living pathogens, and viruses are not considered living because they can't reproduce themselves and ( Full Answer )
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Why are most particle collisions ineffective?

comparing to an atom , the particles of it are very very small , their collision may be effective inside that atom but we could not measure the effectiveness since it takes ( Full Answer )
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What is ineffective erythropoiesis?

Ineffective Erythropoiesis as described by Goljan's Rapid Review in Pathology: RBC's with alpha-chain inclusions undergo apoptosis in the bone marrow. You can see why the t ( Full Answer )
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What is ineffective management?

When you think about your best manager, boss or supervisor, what do you think of first? The overwhelming answer (in a word) is trust. You trust that what this person is bringi ( Full Answer )
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What is ineffective affirmation?

An ineffective affirmation is an affirmation that has some negativeaspect to it. A true affirmation is positive. An example of anineffective affirmation would be saying someth ( Full Answer )
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What is an ineffective group?

A group that has no impact on the issue it is trying to change or introduce.

Why are HIV treatments ineffective?

Because the HIV virus is an adapted form of the AIDS virus. The AIDS virus and the HIV virus are both difficult to treat because they first lower the immune system by destoryi ( Full Answer )
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Who was the worst and most ineffective president?

Easy: William Henry Harrison. He started his term by standing in the rain giving the longest inaugural address that will ever be presented. He caught pneumonia during it and d ( Full Answer )
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What is an ineffective communication?

Ineffective communication is an imbalance of effective skills needed to communication with another person. An example of this, is lack of a clear and confident voice, limited ( Full Answer )