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Why is energy transfer processes inefficient?

Energy transfer can be very efficient but there is always some heat loss. For example an electric convector in your home may appear to be 100 percent efficient, but what about (MORE)
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What is bureaucratic inefficiency?

Bureaucratic inefficiency refers to a failure of an organization to complete the work that it exists to perform.

Why is communism inefficient?

Pure Communism has never been implemented. Karl Marx wrote of actual Communism, yet it has never been used in it's pure form. What most people are familiar with is Stalinism o (MORE)
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Why is photosynthesis inefficient?

Plants usually convert light into chemical energy with a photosynthetic efficiency of 3-6%.Absorbed light that is unconverted is dissipated primarily as heat,with a small (MORE)
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What makes bureaucracy inefficient and ineffective?

The primary goal is to spend money. Parkinson's Law states that all money allocated and all time given to complete a task, will be spent. An example of this is when a Univers (MORE)
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How much efficiency is inefficient?

When an item or service costs more money or time to produce than the return you gain from it, then it can be said to be inefficient. Obviously this will vary with the item (MORE)

Why is anaerobic respiration highly inefficient?

It is inefficient because the glucose in your muscles are not completely broken down, so only a small amount of energy is released for use in the cells. (Less ATP formed) Lact (MORE)
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How is energy being used inefficiently?

The scientific answer is that energy is being used inefficiently in most mechanical power generating systems on Earth, including all forms of vehicle propulsion and heating. T (MORE)