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Why is energy transfer processes inefficient?

  Energy transfer can be very efficient but there is always some heat loss. For example an electric convector in your home may appear to be 100 percent efficient, but what (MORE)

Why are most chargers very inefficient?

Voltage must be changed by a transformer, and the alternating current changed to direct current by diodes. Each step has a loss of energy.
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Why is photosynthesis inefficient?

 Plants usually convert light into chemical energy with a photosynthetic efficiency of 3-6%.  Absorbed light that is unconverted is dissipated primarily as heat,  with a s (MORE)

Why a monopoly can lead to inefficient outcomes?

  There are various reasons why monopoly leads to an inefficient outcome. Some of the reasons are as follows:   * It produces less output that what a competitive market (MORE)
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Why are coal fires inefficient?

Because a lot of the energy used to hear up the room is lost to the surroundings eg for every 100 J of energy stored in coal and released as heat about 25 J is used to heat u (MORE)
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What is bureaucratic inefficiency?

Bureaucratic inefficiency refers to a failure of an organization to complete the work that it exists to perform.
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Why is anaerobic respiration highly inefficient?

It is inefficient because the glucose in your muscles are not completely broken down, so only a small amount of energy is released for use in the cells. (Less ATP formed) Lact (MORE)
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Why is converting coal into electricity inefficient?

Burning coal requires between 100 and 150% excess air for complete combustion. Excess air is the air supplied for combustion more then the air required for perfect combustio (MORE)

Why are incandescent lights considered inefficient?

Any form of electrical lighting will produce both light and heat, and with inefficient, incandescent lighting you get a higher proportion of heat rather than light, as compare (MORE)