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What does ineligible mean?

Ineligible means that for some particular reason you are not permitted to participate in something (activities.) In football, certain players on the field are "ineligible" t (MORE)

Why are you ineligible for Facebook?

Some people are ineligible for facebook because they were born from 1997-2010. If you fall into this category, you must wait until you turn 13 or older to be able to create an (MORE)

What is the meaning of ineligibly?

I am assuming you mean Ineligibility, which means you do not qualify for whatever it is you are ineligible for. Usually because you don't meet one of the requirements.
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Why are you ineligible to register Maplestory?

Well, let's see here. 1) Are you under 13? People under 13 can't join, but you can lie about your age. 2) Did you leave one or more boxes blank? You have to fill out ALL of (MORE)

What is an ineligible voter?

In order to be eligible to register and cast a vote, an individual  must meet certain qualifications. For example, they must be  citizens of their country, residents of the (MORE)