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What is an ineligible age for YouTube sign up?

  The minimal age is 13. But flagged videos (for mature audiences only) would be off-limits to that user,since he/she would need to be 18 years of age and confirm the birt (MORE)

Why are England ineligible to host the 2026 World Cup Finals?

Because FIFA currently operate a policy that a winning confederation (basically continental zones) cannot host the subsequent two world cups. Russia, a member of UEFA have won (MORE)

What does ineligible mean?

Ineligible means that for some particular reason you are not permitted to participate in something (activities.) In football, certain players on the field are "ineligible" t (MORE)

What does ineligible man down field mean?

That could mean a couple of things.   On a pass play, offensive lineman (center, guard, tackle) are not allowed to cross the line of scrimmage prior to a pass crossing the (MORE)

Why have some claimed that John McCain is constitutionally ineligible to be president?

One reason that the question of whether John McCain is constitutionally eligible to be president has been raised is that the constitution requires the president to be a natura (MORE)

What is an ineligible voter?

In order to be eligible to register and cast a vote, an individual  must meet certain qualifications. For example, they must be  citizens of their country, residents of the (MORE)