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What does ineligible mean?

Ineligible means that for some particular reason you are not permitted to participate in something (activities.) In football, certain players on the field are "ineligible" (MORE)

What mean ineligible?

i nee help this and if i sent up for facebook is away said you are not inelingible to be in facebook. help me

What is the meaning of ineligibly?

I am assuming you mean Ineligibility, which means you do not qualify for whatever it is you are ineligible for. Usually because you don't meet one of the requirements.
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Why am I ineligible to get a Facebook?

This is because the details you provided when signing up do not comply with Facebook's policy, such as you must be of an appropriate age. See the related links below for more (MORE)

Who is ineligible for a stem cell transplant?

may not be recommended for some patients, including those with heart, kidney, or lung disorders. If the patient has an aggressive cancer that has spread throughout the body, h (MORE)

Can a person be ineligible for counsel?

If they can afford one, no, never. On the other hand - they cannot have a Public Defender if their income level disqualifies you from that benefit, AND - they cannot have (MORE)
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How do you become ineligible for sports?

You stay eligible for sports by keeping up a b average and having less than 2 f's. If you have 3 f's your inelegible. It may be different for your school, but that's what it i (MORE)

What is an ineligible voter?

In order to be eligible to register and cast a vote, an individualmust meet certain qualifications. For example, they must becitizens of their country, residents of the state (MORE)