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What is an inert landfill?

Inert refers to any solid waste consisting of earth and earth-like products, tree trash, tree limbs, dirt, concrete, mud, asphalt, rock, bricks, yard trimmings, bushes, sand, (MORE)
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What is chemical inertness?

  Chemical inertness means no or very less ability to react with other elements or compounds , it depends mainly on the valency of elements. elements usually react with ot (MORE)
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Describe the inertness of Nobel metals?

the elements in which d-orbital are in process of  filling,constitute a group of metals called transition metals or  d-orbital elements .they exhibit a variety of oxidation (MORE)

What is an inert gas?

argon   --------------------------------------------   Any of the elements in column 18 of the periodic table, plus gasses  made form some compounds (eg CO2) and some (MORE)

Is magnesium inert?

Magnesium rapidly combines with many different elements, and violently reacts with hydrogen chloride. The last word I would use to describe it is inert. Look to the right si (MORE)

What are inert polymers?

If a polymer is INERT it means that it will not react with anything or the speed of reaction is extremely slow. so inert=unreactive
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What family of elements is inert?

Noble gas family consisting of Helium, Neon, Argon,Krypton, Xenon and Radon is inert. They have stable electronic configuration and hence they are inert and non-reactive.
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What is a inert element?

An inert element is part of the Group 18(0) family of elements on the Periodic Table that are known as the Inert Gases. They reside on the right hand side of the periodic tabl (MORE)

Are alkali metals inert?

No. This is because they do not have a full octet unlike the noble  gases. These metals will react violently and will then get their  full octet. This is the reason why grou (MORE)
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What is the heaviest inert element?

As far as "inert gases" (noble gases), the heaviest is the radioactive gas radon (atomic number 86, only natural isotope 222Ra). Referring to "inert" precious metals, the hea (MORE)