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What is the meaning of Inexplicably?

Inexplicably means difficult or impossible to explain or account for.. or. incapable of being accounted for or explained.
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How do you use inexplicable in a sentence?

How the magician made the man float was inexplicable! For some inexplicable reason, the flimsy shack survived the storm.
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Are witches inexplicable?

Witches are not inexplicable. If you were to look into the belief systems and the thought behind the magic and wisdom that they hold you can pinpoint everything into a Spiritu ( Full Answer )
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Inexplicable in a sentence?

The presence of widespread religious belief in societies is sometimes considered inexplicable by persons who themselves do not believe.
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How do you write inexplicably in a sentence?

When the lights blinked on and off inexplicably, we wondered if our old house was haunted. Are you telling me that the cookies disappeared inexplicably from the cookie jar an ( Full Answer )
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Can you put the word inexplicable in a sentence?

When Susan was asked to describe how she felt becoming a mother, she said she couldn't put it into words, it was completely inexplicable.
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What does inexplicable mean?

The word inexplicable is an adjective that means unable to be explained or accounted for. Two synonyms for this word are incomprehensible and unfathomable .
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How to use inexplicable in a sentence?

As she passed the old painting, she felt an inexplicable rush of cool air on the back of her neck.