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What is the doctrine of Papal Infallibility?

Answer   Papal Infallibility is a doctrine of the Catholic Church that makes the Pope -head of the Bishops- responsible for his edicts in matters of faith and morals. By (MORE)

Is there an example of an infallible Catholic teaching contradicting itself?

A:  There are grounds for arguing that the present use of the filioque  clause in the Nicene Creed contradicts the infallibility of the  Council of Nicea, as confirmed by t (MORE)

Does the church give infallible guidance for christians?

No, not all churches provide infallible guidance to Christians. There are some church systems which bring you the idea of rapture and the word rapture is not even written in (MORE)
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Why do Catholics believe the pope is infallible?

Another answer from our community:    I'm not a Catholic myself, but I'm pretty sure they believe it is  because he is 'protected by God', and that he is sort of God's (MORE)
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When was papal infallibility last invoked?

To the best of my knowledge the last time the pope spoke infallibly  was on October 17, 2010, when he canonized 6 new saints.    Answer:    The most recent use (MORE)

Is The Bible infallible?

Opinion Yes, the Bible can be regarded as infallible since it is  inspired by God and has been remarkably preserved largely intact  over the years. The alleged errors and in (MORE)
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Which popes made infallible statements?

Other answers from our community:    By definition, all of them.    There are no infallible popes. However the Sacred Magisterium a  special teaching body of th (MORE)