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Is the pope infallible?

The pope is only infallible when speaking ex cathedra (from thechair) and only in matters of faith and morals and only after years ofstudy and consultation with all the bish (MORE)
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Are microorganisms infallible?

Microorganisms live and die just like any other organism. They are  used in many biological process. Their ability to do their job can  be limited by the environment. This m (MORE)

What is infallibility?

Catholic Answer Infallibly is the freedom from error that the Pope enjoys when he is teaching the universal Church in the matter of faith and morals. It was defined by the Fir (MORE)

What is the definition of infallibility?

A: The First Vatican Council in 1870, defined the infallibility of the pope, in Pastor Aeternalis. First of all, chapter 6 says: 9. Therefore, faithfully adhering to the trad (MORE)

Is The Bible infallible?

Opinion Yes, the Bible can be regarded as infallible since it is  inspired by God and has been remarkably preserved largely intact  over the years. The alleged errors and in (MORE)

How does infallibility work?

"Infallibility" means nothing one says or does is ever wrong. It's understood by the followers of all the world's religions that only God is infallible and that only the Messe (MORE)
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Is infallible an adverb?

No, the word infallible is an adjective. The adverb form is  "infallibly" (without error).
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Is The Bible infallable?

Some religions teach that it is, but others do not. If you belongto certain conservative religions that follow a fundamentalist orliteralist tradition (Evangelical Baptists, f (MORE)