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Why was Auschwitz infamous?

Auschwitz is the most recognizable and infamous extermination camp due to its vast size, mainly. 1.1 million Jews (roughly) were exterminated there. It was the largest of the (MORE)

What is the infamous tornado?

An infamous tornado is one that is know for being particularlydevastating. A number of tornadoes have become infamous, includingthe Tri-State tornado of 1925, the Wichita Fall (MORE)

What is Infamous about?

Infamous is about this guy named Cole McGrath, a bike messenger who lives in Empire City. One day, he accidentally delivers a mysterious bomb called the Ray Sphere. It trigge (MORE)

What is infamous conduct?

infamous = famous for a negative reason conduct = behavior Example sentences: He was a bank robber who made the history books because of his infamous conduct. The book det (MORE)

Will there be a infamous 3?

Note: This Answer Includes A SPOILER ALERT Of The Game inFAMOUS 2 It Is Pretty Obvious That After (HERE COMES THE SPOILER ALERT!) The Death Of Cole MacGrath There Wi (MORE)

Is Charlemagne infamous?

Charlemagne played an important role in shaping early European history by extending the Frankish Empire to the south and west, building roads to make travel easier, creating a (MORE)