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Infamous castle in London?

The Tower of London. Many inmates were tortured, starved to death, beheaded or otherwise murdered there.
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Does infamous have blood?

infamous does have blood but not allot. infamous is a rated T game. if it was blood and guts(like call of duty or kill zone) it would be rated M. Infamous is a great game with (MORE)

What is Infamous about?

Infamous is about this guy named Cole McGrath, a bike messenger who lives in Empire City. One day, he accidentally delivers a mysterious bomb called the Ray Sphere. It trigger (MORE)
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What is infamous gangsters?

It's a mafia mmorpg text game where you click on several links to do different actions like steal cars and get money. As you do these different crimes, you rank up level. Ther (MORE)

Is Charlemagne infamous?

Charlemagne played an important role in shaping early European history by extending the Frankish Empire to the south and west, building roads to make travel easier, creating a (MORE)
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Crush the infamous thing?

Written by Voltaire, a French Enlightenment writer who used biting satire to comment on the flaws of life. When writing this he criticises Christianity. During the Enlightenme (MORE)
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What is the noun form for infamous?

The noun form for the adjective infamous is infamousness. Another noun form is infamy; both are abstract nouns. Example sentences: "The infamousness of the scandal makes it d (MORE)

Why was Auschwitz infamous?

Auschwitz is the most recognizable and infamous extermination camp due to its vast size, mainly. 1.1 million Jews (roughly) were exterminated there. It was the largest of the (MORE)