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What is Infamous about?

Infamous is about this guy named Cole McGrath, a bike messenger who lives in Empire City. One day, he accidentally delivers a mysterious bomb called the Ray Sphere. It trigge (MORE)

Does infamous have blood?

infamous does have blood but not allot. infamous is a rated T game. if it was blood and guts(like call of duty or kill zone) it would be rated M. Infamous is a great game with (MORE)

Who is the beast in inFAMOUS?

It has been recently found out since infamous 2came out today that the beast is the ray sphere possessing John from the first game that was thought to have been killed

What is infamous 2 about?

You begin where you just left off in Empire City. The story will begin where you left off in the first one (as a hero or a villain). Cole McGraph has been warned by Kessler th (MORE)

Do they have infamous for PS2?

No they do not. Infamous is a PS3 game from May 26 2009. Infamous 2 is also a newer version of the game released on June 7 2011 and also only a PS3 game. Neither game can be p (MORE)