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Infant of Animals?

Well, this depends on what kind of animal you're referring to. Like a horse's infant is called a foal, and a lion's infant is called a cub.   Foal or colt for male, filly f (MORE)

Is a infant can swim?

Some infants can swim but they always need someone with them at all times. Also they need a special swim instrutor who helps them and give the ok. Never try to teach an infant (MORE)

What is infant Baptist?

In a baptist church infant baptism is a dedication of the adults associated with the infant to the raising of the child in the faith. To some the infant baptism is an answer (MORE)
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What they do if they infant?

An infant is a young child. What to do if you have an infant would be to care for them in the proper mannor. This would involve feeding, bathing, loving, nurturing, and helpin (MORE)