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When can an infant have water?

An infant can actually drink water right away. you should take proper care though so that you do not give chlorinated water or tapwater from areas where it might contain cer (MORE)

What is infant mortality?

Infant Mortality Rate   The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is the number of children who die in their first year of life out of 1,000. The formula is: # of infant deaths/ li (MORE)

What is the normal blood pressure for infants?

  About 300-350 psi, although there is little cause for concern unless you find your baby's blood pressure is regularly above 400 psi. This is why regular checkups are so (MORE)
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Do infant boys eat more than infant girls?

Yes and No. Boys and Girls have differnet growth patterns and Grpwth spurts.. and in my personal experience I would say boys eat more between borth and 6months than girls do.. (MORE)

Why are infants uncoordinated?

  Their brains are not fully developed yet, so they can't control their movements as precisely as we can. Plus they have to learn control of their bodies just like they ha (MORE)

What does infant mean?

  An infant is a very young child or a toddler. From age 0 - 6 << Infant. That is why first school is refered to as 'Infant school'

What is an Infant Baptism?

This term is more commonly called a Christening in some traditions. An infant baptism is when parents take their baby (usually days old) to a priest to receive the sacrament (MORE)