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What is an infection?

infection (in-fek-shun) n. 1. Germs that get in your skin when bitten or scratch . also. An invasion and multiplication of microorganisms or infectious agents in the body t (MORE)

How do you get infected?

Microorganisms have several avenues in which they can infect largerorganisms. They can enter the body through any of the body'snatural openings, through wounds or injection an (MORE)

Is Nosocomial infection a food infection?

It could be but usually is not. Nosocomial simply means that the infection [caused by any type of pathogen, including food-borne germs] was acquired in a health care setting, (MORE)
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How do you get a infection?

You can get an infectious disease which are caused by organisms. They may spread in a number of ways: 1) In infected water e.g. Choleria bacteria. 2) By direct contact (conta (MORE)