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What to do for an infected toenail?

Soak it in Epsom salt salt solution, and if that doesn't help, go to the doctor, and get an antibiotic. --- No. Warm water with a good amount of salt for no longer than (MORE)

Can you get an infection from sperm?

No. Sperm are not pathogens. Sperm are not viruses or bacteria. Sperm cannot reproduce themselves or hijack living cells in order to transcript its DNA or cause proteins to be (MORE)
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How do you get infected with mumps?

  Mumps is a virus that is usually spread by respiratory secretions (e.g. someone coughing droplets into the air) from an infected person.
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What is a toxico-infection?

Toxico infection refers to to the establishment of infection by the toxins produced by vegetative organisms especially clostridium spps,staphylococcus etc in the intestines an (MORE)

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How does a scab get infected?

If one peels the scab off. Blood will appear again which gives bacteria the opportunity to get in. This is how the scab can get infected.
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Can you have fever and no infection?

Yes, fever is a normal occurrence in the body, but it is triggered out of its "loop" when there is an infection, but yes you can.
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What is an infection?

infection (in-fek-shun) n. 1. Germs that get in your skin when bitten or scratch   also. An invasion and multiplication of microorganisms or infectious agents in the body t (MORE)

What are ICU infections?

ICU infectins are types of hospital infections. These occur due to development resistanct strains [resistant to antispetic and aseptic precautions taken in hospital and ICU pr (MORE)