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What to do for an infected toenail?

Soak it in Epsom salt salt solution, and if that doesn't help, go to the doctor, and get an antibiotic. --- No. Warm water with a good amount of salt for no longer than (MORE)

What is a toxico-infection?

Toxico infection refers to to the establishment of infection by the toxins produced by vegetative organisms especially clostridium spps,staphylococcus etc in the intestines an (MORE)
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How do you get infected with mumps?

  Mumps is a virus that is usually spread by respiratory secretions (e.g. someone coughing droplets into the air) from an infected person.
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What is an infection?

infection (in-fek-shun) n. 1. Germs that get in your skin when bitten or scratch . also. An invasion and multiplication of microorganisms or infectious agents in the body t (MORE)

What are ICU infections?

ICU infectins are types of hospital infections. These occur due to development resistanct strains [resistant to antispetic and aseptic precautions taken in hospital and ICU pr (MORE)