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What is infidelity?

It is when someone is disloyal or cheating on their spouse. ANSWER: Infidelity is not just about sex outside the relationship but about trust, betrayal, lying and disl (MORE)
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What is an infidel?

An infidel is someone that does not have certain religious beliefs.This is an expression of xenophobia.

What is Internet Infidelity?

It can mean one of several things, all of which you are doing without your current partner's knowledge or consent. 1) You are using the internet to find people to hook up wit (MORE)

Sign of infidelity?

It is important that two people whether going together; living together or are married have good communication skills because you get to know each other much better and, some (MORE)

Can you be sued for infidelity?

No. Years ago it use to be a action in divorce and that has been dropped. Answer 2: In the US, anybody can always sue anybody. The real question is whether the suit wi (MORE)
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Why is Braden an Infidel?

Braden McMahon is an Infidel because he came to Australia on a tiny boat filled with people who had STDs

How do you rule out infidelity?

ANSWER: Rule out infidelity against what? If your talking about suspecting your spouse cheating it will be a bit hard. What you must do is make sure you have something that c (MORE)

How do you define infidelity?

Cheating.... Aka kissing or above and possibly cuddling and hand holding or dating someone else at the exact same time flirting/sexting may also count depends on your beliefs