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What did Hephaestus do to punish his wife's infidelity?

Ah, this is very strange so please take it maturely. So, after seeing that Aphrodite cheated on him with Ares, he was furious. He enmeshed* them both in a net (naked may I a (MORE)
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What is Wireless Infidelity?

"Wireless Infidelity" is a parody of the phrase "Wireless Fidelity", abbreviated as "Wi-Fi". The Wi-Fi Alliance defines Wi-Fi as any "wireless local area network (WLAN) produ (MORE)

Can you sue your husband for infidelity?

There are a few reasons you could possibly sue your husband for infidelity. One such reason, which has spared many cases, is transmittance of sexually acquired diseases. Howev (MORE)

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How do you get past infidelity?

The most important thing to do if you want to survive infidelity is regain the trust back to your relationship. There is an article titled "How to regain the trust after an af (MORE)

Why is emotional infidelity so painful?

Emotional infidelity is painful because it violates the emotional bond that two people have spent time cultivating in order to have a romantic relationship. Once someone has b (MORE)

What are the Islamic beliefs about the infidel?

According to Islam, there are three general words used in Arabic to  refer to non-believers in an Islamic context. There is Kaafer  (كافر) which means "denier" or "negat (MORE)