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What is infinity multiplied by infinity?

One normally says that infinity times infinity is infinity. Most mathematicians would accept this as valid if presented in a proper mathematical context. Context: The mathema (MORE)

Is infinity a Nissan?

  Infiniti Motors is a division of Nissan Motor Corporation, a Japanese car manufacturer. In the United States, Nissan was formerly known as Datsun. The Infiniti brand was (MORE)

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What is Infinity divided by Infinity?

It is indeterminate. There are many other inderterminate forms. It is not at all the same as 3/3 for example. You can see this with limits and some calculus rules. You must ap (MORE)

What is infinity times infinity?

Infinity is not really a number. It is a symbol (\\infty) for something that is so large that we cannot imagine it. You can also think of it as being the opposite of zero (0), (MORE)

What is the number after infinity?

Infinity is as big as you can get, so there is no number after it. There is also a "negative infinity" going the other way, so the total number of integers could be consider (MORE)

What does infinity times infinity equal?

infinity2 Well, your question does not specify whether the infinities are "countable" infinities (such as the number of integers) or "uncountable" infinities (such as the numb (MORE)

How can you define infinity?

Such boundless questions bring only finite remarks. What gets lost once one begins defining infinity? Could you define infinity? What infinite number of definitions could ev (MORE)
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How many infinities are there?

There are an infinite number of infinities. The power set is the set of all subsets of a set. The power set of an infinite set is a larger infinite set. The first (smallest) i (MORE)
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Why is infinity minus infinity undefined?

Infinity is a concept, not an actual number. Someone may say the number of stars is infinite, or that the number of fractions between 0 and 1 is infinite, or that the number (MORE)