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What is infinity multiplied by infinity?

One normally says that infinity times infinity is infinity. Most mathematicians would accept this as valid if presented in a proper mathematical context. Context: The mathema (MORE)

Is infinity a number?

No, infinity is not a number, in the mathematical sense. It is a symbol for "unlimited". As such it has uses in various theories in math and in physics.   The simplest proo (MORE)

What is infinity times infinity?

Infinity is not really a number. It is a symbol (\\infty) for something that is so large that we cannot imagine it. You can also think of it as being the opposite of zero (0), (MORE)

What does infinity equal?

  Infinity does not equal anything because it is not a numerical entity. Infinity is a concept used to describe extremely high values, or the tendency of a function to out (MORE)

What is Infinity Ward?

Infinity Ward is a video game developer based in California. The  company produces the Call of Duty series.50 pentacagon(pentontagon)  100 centagon 1000 chiligon 10000 myrig (MORE)

What is the number after infinity?

Infinity is as big as you can get, so there is no number after it. There is also a "negative infinity" going the other way, so the total number of integers could be consider (MORE)

What is the inverse of infinity?

The inverse of infinity is a number approaching zero but less than  any other number. This means that it is close to zero but not equal  to it, a infinitesimal number.
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What is the equation for infinity?

Infinity is NOT a number, there is no FORMULA for it. Infinity cannot exist in any sets where it is defined. Infinities are different even for different sets! The infinity in (MORE)
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Why is infinity minus infinity undefined?

Infinity is a concept, not an actual number. Someone may say the number of stars is infinite, or that the number of fractions between 0 and 1 is infinite, or that the number (MORE)