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What is inflammation?

Inflammation is your body's natural response to harmful stimulants, damaged cells, irritants, infection, and injury: it's an attempt to stop the damage, protect your cells, re (MORE)

Flammable and inflammable?

An object that is flammable or inflammable is something that willeasily catch fire. Although the words seem like they should haveopposite meanings, they are actually synonyms. (MORE)
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What is pelvic inflammation?

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What is inflammable?

Inflammable is something that an easily set on a fire. Most gasesand chemicals are said to be inflammable and dangerous.

What herb is for inflammation?

There are many herbs for reducing inflammation, however here's a few; . Ginger . Turmeric . Devil's Claw . Liquorice . Witch Hazel . German Chamomile . Arnica Howe (MORE)
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Why is inflammation painfull?

Excellent question. There are many complex factors in inflammationthat make it a very important function of the body. It involvesmostly the endocrine system and tissue hormone (MORE)

What is stromal inflammation?

Stroma usually refers to the connective tissue that supports an organ. Inflammation is the body's responce to injury or irritation. Inflammation is characterized with redness, (MORE)

Is hydrogen inflammable?

Absolutely not! It is extremely flammable. Ever heard of the Hindenburg Blimp that blew up? That was because the hydrogen ignited. Also, if hydrogen couldn't ignite, there wou (MORE)
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Why does inflammation occur?

Inflammation is a process which occurs when the immune system of the body responds to either an injury or a foreign invader (virus, bacteria, or fungi).
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What is responsible for the inflammation?

Inflammation is the response of the tissue to injury. This can be physical trauma, chemical trauma due to chemicals or toxins or infection