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Why assembly line is called inflexible?

An assembly line is an example of inflexible mass production. It iscalled inflexible because it is difficult to change or alter itsdesign of production after it is put in plac ( Full Answer )
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What is a hard inflexible machine called?

An inclined plane is a hard, smooth, inflexible surface. An inclined plane is a simple machine, an example of which would be a ramp.
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Was Thomas Jefferson inflexible as president?

Thomas Jefferson was not generally inflexible during the two termshe served as President of the United States. As just one example offlexibility, he surprised and in fact plea ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of inflexible?

If something is inflexible, it cannot be easily moved or bent. If someone is inflexible, their opinions or decisions are usually solidly rooted in their minds and cannot be ea ( Full Answer )
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Use the word inflexible in a sentence?

The schoolmaster was inflexible in his punishments. If you stop stretching, you will become inflexible.
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What is a sentence for inflexible?

some people are inflexible beacause their fat so thats why they need to lose weight.
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Why does the cell wall have to be thicker and inflexible?

Cell Wall has to be thicker becauz it need to be a protective boundary so as to prevent injuries and entry of pathogens inside the cell so it is RIGID AND INFLEXIBLE.
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What is the opposite of inflexible?

The opposite would be flexible. For an object, it could be ductile, bendable, elastic, or malleable. For a person, it could be amenable, accomodating, or receptive.
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Does inflexible means stubborn?

Yes, the definition of stubborn is a person's refusal to changeideas or opinion(s). The definition to inflexable is nearlyidentical or rather is identical,just that the wordin ( Full Answer )