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What is influenza?

Influenza is an infectious disease of the respiratory tract that is caused by influenza viruses. It is often called the flu.
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When was the influenza epidemic?

There have been many influenza epidemics. There are now two well-known pandemics (covers a much larger world-wide area than an epidemic or a smaller outbreak). The "Spanish Fl (MORE)

What can influenza do to you?

influenza can kill you at the hardest strike but usually you will get just get weak legs and stuffy nose and runny nose i have gotten the 2nd to worst part of it where i was h (MORE)

Can you get injections for influenza?

You can get vaccinations that are given by injection to prevent the flu, by either injection into the muscle (intramuscular) or into the layers of the skin (intradermal), in a (MORE)

How deadly is influenza?

Some are very deadly such as Avian (Bird) Flu which has a 50% to 60% mortality rate but, thankfully, it is rare overall and not transmitted from person to person except very r (MORE)

Is influenza airborne?

No, not in the medical use and context of the word airborne. Most of the indications in clinical settings suggest that it is not significantly "airborne". The term "airborne (MORE)