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Information about Pluto?

Pluto is a dwarf planet but part of the Solar System. Pluto is 60%  ice and 40% rock. Its temperature gets up to -235 C. Pluto is about  6000 km from the sun. Pluto also has (MORE)

Information about snakes?

Snakes are elongated, legless, eyelidless, covered in scales  reptiles. Many species of snakes have skulls with several joints  enabling them to swallow prey much larger tha (MORE)

Information about lcd?

LCD display screens are one of the oldest flat panel technologies in the book, the good news is it is also one of the most improved on. LCD displays offer a simple, clean, cle (MORE)

What is information technology information broker?

A 'broker', according to sources such as Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a person or entity that is empowered, often for a fee, to act as an intermediary, agent, or executor fo (MORE)
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What is informance?

student-centered group displays created to showcase academic progress through music, visual arts, drama, dance, readings, songs, and other performance-based activities.

A geographic information system is information that is what?

Geographic information is information that has some spatial  component, usually in relation to the earth. The information is  stored in spatial co-ordinates and can be one o (MORE)
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What is formal and informal source of information?

Formal source of information=Formal source of information is the information gathered directly from the respondent and includes questionnaires, observations,etc Informal sour (MORE)