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What is the evolution and characteristic of the information age?

The Information Age, also called the Computer Age or Digital Age, got its start in the 1970s with the home computer. With advances in computer technology, it has spread to the (MORE)

What does the statement 'You live in an age of information' mean?

The age we live in now is called by some the "Age of Information", as opposed to for example the Stone Age or the Industrial Age.    It is a reference to how informatio (MORE)

What factors led to the information age?

The information age was brought about by the need to process data  at a higher speed and more conveniently. The onset of the  information age was marked by the Digital Revol (MORE)

Difference between information age and industrial age?

The industrial age was dominated by the manufacturing and transportation processes, carried out on a large scale by efficient machines that brought down the cost per unit. The (MORE)

Where can you find information about England in the Middle Ages?

Angela, In a library. Start with an encyclopedia, look up England or United Kingdom. Also look up the names of specific kings to find out what happened during their reigns. Th (MORE)

Why is fiber -optics an important field of technology in the information age?

Probably more of a question for a university professor or something but I think it is an extreamly important technology because unlike copper wiring, fiber opticals are not su (MORE)

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