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Can you please give me information about electricity?

Electricity is the science, engineering, technology and physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charges. Electricity gives a wide variety of well- (MORE)
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Information please on Enoch Doe a Worcester Porcelain artist?

Enoch Doe was born 1795 studied porcelain painting under Thomas Baxter (1782-1821) painter for Flight and Barr (Warmsty) Worcester Porcelain. Doe went to work for Chamberlain (MORE)

Can you list numbers 1-100 sided polygons please?

Names of Polygons    1 monogon (Monogon and digon can only   2 digon be used in rather special   3 trigon, t (MORE)

Would you please give me a example of informal amendment?

The Supreme Court Case Marbury v. Madison is an Informal Amendment.  For example, It made it so the Judaical Branch of the Government  gained the Power of Review. This is in (MORE)
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Can you please name all the songs of Shrek 1?

  Here is a list of all of the songs on the Shrek soundtrack. They are in soundtrack order, not necessarily that of the movies.   1. Stay Home- Self 2. I'm A Believer (MORE)

Invalid configuration information please run setup program?

Latitude C600 is what I have. I had the same message after I pressed Fn-X suggested on previous screen. I searched this gizmo and no one mentioned where in reality "Fn-X" is l (MORE)

Write the Roman nurmals to 1 -2000 for you please?

Roman numerals....   1 = I   2 = II   3 = III   4 = IV (or IIII on old clocks, watches and sundials)   5 = V   6 = VI   7 = VII   8 = VIII  (MORE)