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Subject is in coma how to take informed consent?

  Ask for living will or DNR order.Otherwise next of kin. If none available, must petition court, having court appointed, disinterested advocate for patient.   Patient (MORE)

Can the courts get your employment information without your consent?

  Presumably as part of your BK you mean? Of course. For just about any legal reason. Of course. But understand, by filing for BK and asking the court to provide prote (MORE)
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Institutional Review Board allowed to violate the informed consent?

  Not enough information is given in question. HOWEVER - as a general rule - administrative hearings and so-called "review boards" are NOT courts of law and the rules of e (MORE)

What is the application of the principle of prior informed consent?

Informed consent in the medical context applies in two primary areas: (1) medical procedures, and (2) medical research. It is a principle of relatively recent origin in the la (MORE)

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