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Subject is in coma how to take informed consent?

  Ask for living will or DNR order.Otherwise next of kin. If none available, must petition court, having court appointed, disinterested advocate for patient.   Patient (MORE)

What is mutual consent?

"consent" means 'agreement' "mutual" means 'possessed in common by two or more people or groups' Thus mutual consent mans 'agreed in common' - or 'by common agreement' - N (MORE)

What is information?

Information is data that is conveyed or represented by a particular  arrangement or sequence of things.
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What counts as informed consent or free consent?

Informed consent or free consent is permission granted to another  person to perform services such as treatment for medical care. Both  verbal and nonverbal communication co (MORE)

Is it malpractice if your physician gives out medical information without your consent?

It is not malpractice; however it would be a violation of the  Federal HIPAA law (or if not in the USA, the local equivalent  patient privacy laws). HIPAA is an acronym for (MORE)

Is it illegal to video tape a salesman in your home without there consent for the prepose of getting information to sell to another company?

It is if it's ruled that the salesman was under a reasonable expectation of privacy in the home. If the video has audio, it could be a violation of your state's wiretapping la (MORE)