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What is infrasound?

Infrasound is audio frequencies below the level of human hearing at 20Hz (Hertz). Infrasound can be found right through nature, from Thunderstorms, being next to a stormy bea (MORE)
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How can you record infrasound?

The same way you record normal sound. infra sound is the same as normal sound but our ears cannot hear it. a microphone would.
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How does infrasound work?

Infrasound is merely sound of a very low frequency. Usually a few Hz. Vladmir Gavreau experimented with infrasonic devices, and if the frequency is appropriately (?) chosen, (MORE)
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What is infrasound used for?

It can be used monitor earthquakes, storms and man made explosions. It was also used in the past by allied forces in world war 1 to locate artillery.
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What are infrasound waves?

Just like "infrared" is light that we can't see because itsfrequency is lower than the frequency of red light, "infrasound" is vibration or waves in airthat we don't hear, bec (MORE)
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Is echolocation also known as infrasound?

No, infrasound is the frequency of sound that is too low for humans to hear, below 20 hertz, but is used for communicating by elephants and other animals. Echolocation is no (MORE)
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Is it illegal to use infrasound?

No- in fact, it is used in devices to control the behaviour of dogs and other animals with hearing that goes above human pitch. However, there are a few people with-hyper-sen (MORE)