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What is a country's infrastructure?

A country's infrastructure consists of any facilities that improve  the well-being of an entire community, state, or country. This  includes its roads, bridges, highways, st (MORE)
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Is infrastructure a verb?

NO, "intrastruture" is a noun. It refers to items such as highways, bridges, sewers and aqueducts that are essential to the welfare of a community.
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What is it infrastructure and its components?

a. IT infrastructure= the shared technology resources that provide the platform for the firm's specific information system applications. i. Includes investment in hardware, s (MORE)
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What is infrastructure'?

Infrastructure can be defined as a kind of structure which is built to provide services in the economy. It facilities are indeed,basic service facilities for an economy. The n (MORE)
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What causes infrastructure?

Some people needs buildings because they want other people to work & then people are changing/constructing building but before that it was a coastal area for example. They're (MORE)

What is IT infrastructure?

IT Infrastructure is combined set of hardware, software, networks,  facilities, etc., in order to develop, test, deliver, monitor,  control or support IT services.
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What is infrastructure system?

Infrastructure refers to the fundamental facilities and systems  serving a country, city, or area,including the services and  facilities necessary for its economy to functio (MORE)