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What is infrastructure?

Infrastructure is the base in which economic growth is built upon.Roads, water systems, mass transportation, airports, and utilitiesare all examples of infrastructure. The ba ( Full Answer )
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What is IT infrastructure?

IT Infrastructure is combined set of hardware, software, networks,facilities, etc., in order to develop, test, deliver, monitor,control or support IT services.
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What is an example of infrastructure?

The postal service, the highway department, the school system are examples of infrastructure. Bridges . bridges
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What is infrastructure'?

Infrastructure can be defined as a kind of structure which is built to provide services in the economy. It facilities are indeed,basic service facilities for an economy. The n ( Full Answer )
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What is manufacturing infrastructure?

not exactly sure but infrastructure is the roads, buildings, bridges, etc in a country, state or nation, and manufacturing is like producing or making a good. i would say i ( Full Answer )
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Who is infrastructure analyst?

Infrastructure analysts are consultants who work directly forcompanies or work on a freelance basis. They are mostly responsiblefor diagnosing problems in computer infrastruct ( Full Answer )
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What is Architectural Infrastructure?

Architecture is a structured approach to shaping infrastructure sothat it optimally supports your organization and facilitatesinnovation.
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What is infrastructure bonds?

Infra Bonds are like any other bond that is available in the debt market for purchase with the only difference being the fact that, the funds collected through the sale of the ( Full Answer )
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What are organisational infrastructure?

Organizational infrastructure is the collection of the businessprocedures and policies of a company based on definedresponsibilities and duties of its employees
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What was infrastructure?

he basic physical systems of a country's or community's population,including roads, utilities, water, sewage, etc. These systems areconsidered essential for enabling productiv ( Full Answer )