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What is 'Equity Infusion'?

Parallel to the current Financial Crisis of 2008: The U.S. Treasury purchased large amounts of preferred stock in 9 major banks as a means to raise capitals for these distress (MORE)

What is the meaning of infuse?

Infuse means to pour and is usually used in medical scenarios, for example to infuse tea or herbs for a soothing drink is to pour hot water on them. From this use it also come (MORE)

What is infuse?

one answer is to extract the flavor of a substance by placing it in a hot liquid. For example tea bag put in hot water to make tea. The flavor escapes into the water.

What is an infusion of herbs?

Infused oils: Hot infusion : 250 g. dried or 500 g. fresh herb to 750 ml Olive or Vegetable Oil. Heat gently in a double boiler for 3 hours. Strain through cheesecloth int (MORE)

What does infusion mean?

Infusion means generate or inject something. It may be capital infusion to a company by its share holders or banker.
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What is home infusion?

Home health care is changing the dynamics of the patient-providerrelationship, but many home infusion providers are still usingtraditional and inefficient patient support and (MORE)
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What is a reclast infusion?

A Reclast infusion is a procedure whereby you can get one infusion each year instead of the medications by mouth that are given for treatment of osteopena or osteoporosis. "Re (MORE)

Is the infusion scary?

i have been on infusion in Blackpool pleasure beach it is so fun don't worry if you are afraid of the drop , you wont even be able to notice it. the thing about fast rides is (MORE)