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What is the difference between the words ingenuous and disingenuous?

"Ingenuous" means naive or innocent. (Think of the word "ingenue" for a stage role for a young, innocent woman.) "Disingenuous" looks like it would mean the opposite of "ingen (MORE)

What is ingenuity?

Ingenuity is the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges. The process of figuring out how to cross a mountain stream using a fallen log, build an airpla (MORE)
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Sentence with ingenuous?

A good sentence using the word 'ingenuous' could be 'The student  made an ingenuous remark by saying they forgot their homework on  the bus'. Another sentence might be 'Sara (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word ingenuous?

(not to be confused with ingenious, ingenuous means naive, frank, or candid) "In Billy Budd, Melville creates an innocent and ingenuous character." "New Orleans Saints fan (MORE)