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What is ingest?

Ingest is a term used in broadcast that refers to the process of transferring content to a digital editing or storage system. In consumer speak, it means recording video mater (MORE)

What is ingest operator?

is some one who converts media content ( Digi Betecam, dvcam ) into digital files in order to be play out on a channel or edited. in other words means digitizing content.

What is an ingestive heterotroph?

Break it apart. Ingestive: means they ingest it; while heterotroph means they eat from "other" places (as opposed to autotrophs, which make their own food). So an ingestive he (MORE)

Can you ingest frankincense oil?

Frankincense, myrrh, jasmine, rose and benzoin should never be ingested. Most of the accidents concerning essential oils are the result of people ingesting them without consul (MORE)

Is carbon in silverware dangerous to ingest?

Well honestly if it was, then we would all probably be dead. It  shouldn't be harmful, considering it goes through a dish washer and  when they first make the silver in a fa (MORE)