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What is ingest?

Technology: Ingest is a term used in broadcast that refers to the process oftransferring content to a digital editing or storage system. Inconsumer speak, it means recording (MORE)
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What are the Ingested poisons?

An ingested poison is a substance that can kill or injury a personif swallowed. Examples of ingested poisons are cyanide, householdcleaners like bleach, corrosive chemicals, p (MORE)
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What is ingestion?

The act of taking food or other materials into the mouth. There is where chemical and mechanical digestion occurs.

What is an ingestive heterotroph?

Break it apart. Ingestive: means they ingest it; while heterotroph means they eat from "other" places (as opposed to autotrophs, which make their own food). So an ingestive he (MORE)
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What is an example of ingestion?

Ingestion meaning the physical/initial intake of food, this is often referred to the teeth as they are the first/primary place where food ingestion occurs and later futhers th (MORE)

Why can you not ingest insulin?

Insulin currently cannot be taken by mouth, because it is a protein, and the gastric juices in the stomach would destroy it. So by injecting it under the skin, you are enablin (MORE)
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What are ingested insecticides?

Ingested means eaten, insectisides are basically different kinds of bug sprays. If a farmer has sprayed his vegetables with something to keep bugs off, some of that wil get in (MORE)