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What is an ingot?

n.. A mass of metal, such as a bar or block, that is cast in a standard shape for convenient storage or shipment. . A casting mold for metal.
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What is ingot shrinkage?

Due to change in density of liquid metal to solidification shrinkage occurs. Shrinkage found in top of the ingot. It is also called piping.

Where is the gear ingot in the Smithsonian?

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What is an ingot worth?

Depends on the material, the size and the purity.  In the same size, a gold ingot would be Worth a lot more than a  lead ingot. 
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Can you melt an ingot?

Sure you can. An ingot is basically a shaped lump of metal made by  pouring molten metal into a mold. And most metals can be melted  over and over again.
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How do you get Ebony ingots in Skyrim?

You can buy or mine them. I believe Northwind Mine is abundant with them, once you clear the spiders out of it. Northwind Mine is located northwest of Riften
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