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What are inhalants?

It stands for SEX. which is what we will do when you come over hot guy/man/young sexy boy OR THE DRUG which is breathed in through the nose or mouth as a "medicine" or for (MORE)
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What do people inhale?

During every breath, people inhale the surrounding air, which includes nitrogen, oxygen, some carbon dioxide and a trace smattering of other inert gases. In populated areas, t (MORE)
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What is an inhalant?

beats me an inhalant is a household cleaner or chemical that when inhaled CAN KILL YOU THE FIRST TIME USED if you do this you GET HIGH! AND MOST LIKELY DIE FIRST TIME!
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How do you inhale?

You inhale due to expanding and contracting your diaphram. The respiratory system provides oxygen to your blood, and expells waste gases such as carbon dioxide. .
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What is an inhaler?

It helps people with asma. What it does is opens up your lungs to help you breathe. All you to is put your mouth around the mouth peice and press th e button on top.You have t (MORE)
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Is ecstasy an inhalance?

"I have no idea- ask your mom or dad." That's a good one, or just research on drug websites. If you ask me, I don't think it is. Usually they are in tablet-form.
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What to do if you inhale chlorine?

Sit outside in the fresh air it will help you breath better. Drink water. But most of all stay calm freaking out makes it harder to breath, if this doesn't help call a doctor. (MORE)
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How do you inhale a cigarettes?

Firsst, you put the cigarette to your mouth, then you inhale deeply. After th smoke is in your througt you take a second deep breath without exhaling in between, then you let (MORE)
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What does inhalants?

Do you mean what are inhalents? They are gases that you inhale. Some could be drugs or medicene. Even olbas oil is an inhalent as it clears your nose