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How do you inhale a cigar?

You are not to inhale a cigar. A nasty headache awaits you if you do. A cigar is to be tasted like a fine wine. Full your mouth with smoke, hold for a second or two, then gent (MORE)
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What does the blue inhaler do?

  A blue inhaler is a releaver. It is designed to be used in an asthma attack to dialate the bronchi and bronchioles to allow a person to breathe more easily.
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Nicknames for inhalants?

Rush, Locker-room, Climax, Whippits, Poppers, Snappers, Huffing, Shooting the breeze, Thrusting, Glading, Air blast, Buss bomb, Ames, bolt bagging, Poor man's pot.drug atticke (MORE)

What to do if you inhale chlorine?

Sit outside in the fresh air it will help you breath better. Drink water. But most of all stay calm freaking out makes it harder to breath, if this doesn't help call a doctor. (MORE)

What do people inhale?

During every breath, people inhale the surrounding air, which includes nitrogen, oxygen, some carbon dioxide and a trace smattering of other inert gases. In populated areas, t (MORE)

What does chloroform do if inhaled?

render you unconscious...but it can have harmful side effects depending on the dose and the frequency of use so its not something to mess around with or use as a prank.
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What is an inhaler?

It helps people with asma. What it does is opens up your lungs to help you breathe. All you to is put your mouth around the mouth peice and press th e button on top.You have t (MORE)
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What gas do we inhale?

We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We are able to get  oxygen from plants that breathe it out.