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What is inheritance?

In computer terms, or more specifically in software design terms, inheritance is a method used with object oriented programming. In object oriented programming, object types ( ( Full Answer )
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What is an inheritance?

An inheritance is when someone who dies leaves you something in their will or their possessions go to you by law, then this is your inheritance .
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What is inherit?

To inherit something usually means to be left a material gain dueto a death in the family. Inheritance is usually dolled out througha will or, if no will was in place, it is g ( Full Answer )
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What is an inheritence?

inheritance meance to inherit in aclass which allready exists called base class and the other is called the derived class
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What is an inherited?

The English word 'inherited' means occurring among members of a family usually by heredity inherit or inherited : to be born with characteristics that your parents pass on t ( Full Answer )
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How does 'The Inheritance Cycle' relate to inheritance?

Beacause it entitles how Murtagh is claiming his Inheiritance from his father by taking Zar'roc back from Eragon and Eragon taking his Inheiritance by taking Brom's ring which ( Full Answer )
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What is a inheritance?

In Software design, inheritance means a design methodology which includes deriving one class such that it acquires properties of another class. This terminology is modeled aft ( Full Answer )
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What is single inheritance and multi inheritance?

1. Single Inheritance A Scenario where one class is inheriting/extending the behavior ofjust one super class. Ex: public class Ferrari extends Car {…} This can be tak ( Full Answer )
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What is an inheritance and different types of inheritance?

In computer programming, inheritance describes the way in whicha new class of object can be derived from one or more existingclasses known as base classes. In this way it beco ( Full Answer )
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What do you inherite?

Genetically when you are born or economically when someone dies? Please be more specific with your questions. Thanks.