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What is zone of inhibition?

It is the area on an agar plate where growth of a control organism is prevented by an antibiotic usually placed on the agar surface. If the test organism is susceptable to the (MORE)

What is EAST inhibition?

"East Inhibition" word is going on precaution concerned word when the word does aware for don't use or unacceptable things, place etc of every body (only except from authorize (MORE)

What is feedback inhibition?

A cellular control mechanism in which an enzyme that catalyzes the production of a particular substance in the cell is inhibited when that substance has accumulated to a certa (MORE)
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How can enzymes be inhibited?

Competitive inhibition:. Where an inhibitor, which has a similar molecular shape to the enzyme's substrate, competes with substrate to fit to the enzymes active site.. In th (MORE)

What is quadriceps inhibition?

Quadriceps inhibition is a fancy term given to the inability to fully activate the quadriceps for whatever reason, the idea being that the quadriceps is "inhibited" in some wa (MORE)
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What is irreversible inhibition?

Irreversible inhibition refers to the inactivation of an enzyme by a tightly, typically covalent, bound inhibitor. The kinetics for irreversible inhibition do not follow compe (MORE)
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What is a starter inhibitator?

It interrupts the starter circuit so the device does not start. It may be as simple as a relay that stops the solenoid from activating.