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Enzyme activity can be inhibited by what?

Enzyme activity can be inhibited by both temperature and pH. Enzymes function ideally at a specified temperature. For example, human enzymes function best at a body temperatur (MORE)
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What is the difference betweencompetitive inhibition and noncompetitive inhibition?

Competitive inhibition is when a blocker blocks the active site of an enzyme for which a substrate competes. This inhibition can be overcome by adding additional substrate. No (MORE)

What is allosteric inhibition?

Allosteric (noncompetitive) inhibition results from a change in the  shape of the active site when an inhibitor binds to an allosteric  site. When this occurs the substrate (MORE)
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What is zone of inhibition?

It is the area on an agar plate where growth of a control organism is prevented by an antibiotic usually placed on the agar surface. If the test organism is susceptable to the (MORE)

What is noncompetitive inhibition?

  is a type of an enzyme inhibiton that reduce the maximum rate of a chemical reaction.
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What is inhibition and why enzymes need to be inhibited?

- Inhibition of an enzyme is to inhibit the catalytic activity of  the enzyme. - Because, by blocking or inhibiting an enzyme's  activity can kill a pathogen or correct a me (MORE)

What does a inhibit clutch interlock relay do?

To the best of my knowledge the inhibit clutch interlock relay will not allow the car to be started while the automatic transmission is in gear. (ie-must be in neutral or park (MORE)