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What is initiative?

referendum (plural referendums or referenda ), ballot question , or plebiscite (from Latin plebiscita , originally adecree of the Concilium Plebis ) is a direct vot (MORE)

What is an initiative?

An initiative in government is a petition process whereby changes in law are submitted to be voted on directly by the people. Voting in this process may also be known as a ref (MORE)

What are initiatives?

in politics, an initiative (also known as a popular or citizens' initiative ) is a means by which a petition signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters can for (MORE)

What is Initiatives?

Initiative is a method of allowing voters to propose a new law if enough signature are collected on a petition.
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What are your initials?

well my initials are cidf but if i got married to someone with their sure name beginning with s then that would be CIS as in kiss my friends initials are egb so if she got m (MORE)
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What is a initial?

its what your FULL name stands for INCLUDING your middle name. example: if your name was Willow Rebecca Toucan then that would stand for WRT and that's her initials another (MORE)

What is initialization?

Initialization in a computer program is the setting up of initial  conditions before beginning a calculation, especially a calculation  involving iterative or recursive proc (MORE)