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What is Injil?

Injil is Arabic word which is believed to be revealed Jesus but no any Christian knows that bible isn't written by Jesus or revealed by Jesus it was written by followers of Je (MORE)

Who wrote the Bible or Injil?

Muslims believe, as God said in Quran (Muslims Holy book), that the Bible (or Injil) is God revelation to Jesus. However, the current texts, with current languages, were writt (MORE)
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What are the Islamic Holy Books called Taurat Zabur and Injil?

Answer 1 Islam holds that all four of its holy books, the Taurat (Torah), Zabur (Psalms), Injil (Gospel), and Qur'an, are the revelations of God (which is called Allah in Ar (MORE)

Is there a book of the real Taurat and Injil without the Scriptural Corruptions according to Islam?

no Besides the Quran, the jewish Taurat is the closest you'll find and the Injil isn't really a book that was commissioned by Jesus to be written down. The Quran promotes cer (MORE)