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What is political injustice?

Political injustice is being discriminated as a result of  disagreeing with various political stands. For instance, being  arrested for opposing some government policies is (MORE)
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What does an injustice to one is an injustice to all mean?

The phrase, an injustice to one means an injustice to all, means that when one persons rights are violated we are living in a place where anyones rights could be violated. Sta (MORE)
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What is social injustice?

Social injustice is the unfairness or injustice of a society by the  divisions of burdens and rewards and other inequalities. It's the  social inequality or a great disadvan (MORE)
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Why is an act of injustice an eye opener?

An art of injustice is an eye opener because when in a nation or an institution had an injustice, the people who are affected and know about it would realize of wasn't being c (MORE)

What is a moral injustice?

An insult to a idea, creation or belief held to personal value, to a person or group. Morals are closely tied to beliefs, beliefs are tied to religions, religions are the ba (MORE)

What Are The Greatest Injustices In The World Today?

The greatest injustices prevalent in the world today include racism, child abuse,inequality towards women,snatching breads from the poor's mouths by the rich and so on. Though (MORE)

What are causes of injustice?

There are certain common causes of injustice. They include  ignorance, when a lack of knowledge of others and situations can  bring about prejudice; fear, as a means of prot (MORE)

What does the Bible say about injustice and inequality?

A:   Some parts of the Old Testament celebrate injustice, as does the  Book of Joshua which celebrates the injustice of the Israelite  invasion of the land of the Canaan (MORE)