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Which is the largest inland lake in the world?

The Caspian Sea Caspian Sea is the world's largest inland lake. All lakes are inland though.   All lakes are inland.   The world's largest lake is the Caspian Sea which (MORE)

What is the largest inland lake in Australia?

Australia's largest lake is Lake Eyre, in northern South Australia. 144 km long and 77 km wide, it covers an area of 1 349 251 hectares or 9 690 square km. However, most of (MORE)

Why does Canada have many lakes and inland waterways?

Canada has many lakes and rivers because much of Canada was under ice about 10,000 years ago, As the climate warmed and the glaciers retreated they created massive amounts of (MORE)

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Why is the sea salty but the inland lakes are not?

Oceans take in water from all the rivers of the world combined. That's a lot of water carrying a lot of solutes into the ocean. These solutes include sodium, calcium, and magn (MORE)