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What is a bank?

A bank is a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and  channels those deposits into lending activities, either directly by  loaning or indirectly through capital mark (MORE)

What is a inner demon?

An inner demon is mostly considered as in "You are your own worst enemy" It could be explained with "Skeletons in the closet" If you have the urge to do something bad, then t (MORE)

Where is the bank?

A bank is a financial institution which is used to carry out  transactions, deposit your cash, and keep your savings safe at. A  bank is normally located in every town (usua (MORE)

What do banks do?

Banks provide depositories for funds, and allow individuals, companies and organizations to move funds without the need to withdraw cash and deliver those monies to pay debts. (MORE)

What is the inner core?

The inner core is the innermost layer of the earth. It is dense and solid, and is 1,200km thick. It is made of iron and nickel and is a solid ball of metal. It's also the hott (MORE)
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What does a bank do?

In basic terms a Bank accepts money for deposit - paying interest for the use of people or companies money - protecting it and then turns around and lends that money out charg (MORE)

What is inner strength?

Inner strength refers to the ability to stand by your decisions. It can also be called self discipline or willpower. People with inner strength are able to do what is best for (MORE)

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