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What caused America's inner cities to decline in the 1950's?

The end of World War II marked the birth of the suburbs. GI's who  had taken advantage of the GI Bill of Rights bought new homes, many  times in newly developed villages or (MORE)

What general changed the power structure of the roman military by hiring the inner city poor?

Gaius Marius was the general who restructured the army and allowed the poor to enlist. Gaius Marius was the general who restructured the army and allowed the poor to enlist. (MORE)

What climatic variable causes inner cities cooler winters and warmer summers than cities near water?

Cities are warmer than the areas immediately around them. Water is a great heat sink. Winds going over water can take the warmer air in winter and push it over that nearby la (MORE)
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In the poem in the inner city by Lucille Clifton 1936 what are the cannotations of Silent Nights straight asdead men and pastel lights?

In the poem, Clifton's references to "silent nights", "houses as straight as dead men", and "pastel lights" all reflect her belief that the wealthier uptown is a lifeless plac (MORE)

How can inner city areas be improved?

The strict enforcement of law in inner city areas is a great first step. Removal and harassment of gangs is the only way to lower crime. Forcing landlords and home owners to (MORE)

What was life for inner city teenagers during the 1960?

  Life was simpler then; there were no computers, cell phones, text messages, etc. We communicated the old fashioned way - by talking. We talked on the telephone and in pe (MORE)

Who were all the members in inner city posse?

In the band Inner city posse was composed of Violent J, 2 Dope, and John Kickjazz. But before that it was J's gang consisting of Joseph Utsler, Rudy Hill, other friends of Bru (MORE)

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