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What does innuendo mean?

Main Entry: | innuendo / Part of Speech: | noun / Definition: | suggestion / Synonyms: | allusion, aside, aspersion, hint, implication, imputation, insinuation, intimation, ov (MORE)

What is the definition of innuendo?

Innuendo - an unpleasant, unfriendly hint or disguised, indirect comment or slur . Example: The police arrived, purportedly having a search warrant, and proceeded to turn th (MORE)

What is an example of innuendo?

Innuendo is a technique for saying something while apparently saying something else. Seaside postcards are a typical example.   eg Man to female greengrocer "Can I just fee (MORE)

Sentence for innuendo?

Their reputation has been damaged by innuendo. (Plural form: innuendos) Synonyms for innuendo/s: allusion/s, hint/s, insinuation/s.
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Examples of innuendo?

Suppose I were trying to say that I wanted to hint at an annoying friend to leave the room. I might say: "Well, there's one too many people in this room my friend." Looking a (MORE)

Can you describe an innuendo?

  An indirect remark about somebody or something, usually suggesting something bad or rude; the use of remarks like this: "innuendoes about her private life" or "The song (MORE)

How do you use innuendoes?

anything can be an innuendo if you think about it 'oh my god that's big' 'This is hard' 'Did that hurt' for example, can be replied to with 'that's what she said'