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What is inoculation?

Answer . \nIt is the injection of a weakened form of a disease that gives a body an immunity to that disease. In rare cases, rarity depending on the exact inoculation, it ( Full Answer )
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What is an inoculating needle?

An inoculating needle is a device used in Microbiologicalexperiments. It is a needle made up of nichrome wire with a handleat the other end. It is used to transfer bacteria fr ( Full Answer )
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What are the Inoculation Techniques?

The techniques which are used to transfer the inoculum into any organism are called Inoculation techniques. for example: Pin Prick inoculation, smear inoculation etc
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What does inoculated mean?

1. To introduce a serum, a vaccine, or an antigenic substance into the body of a person or an animal, especially as a means to produce or boost immunity to a specific disease ( Full Answer )
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What is inoculations?

something boring and geographical and confusing this is my answer and it makes complete sense!!!!!!
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Inoculation for barbados?

In the United States it is advised to get a Hepatitis A vaccine whenever you travel to anywhere in the developing world. But to tell you the truth Barbados is by far one of th ( Full Answer )
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What is artificial inoculation?

Artificial inoculation is a technique to induce a fungi or disease into a living object, it is normally for identification of susceptibility of the object towards the induced ( Full Answer )
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Why you should have inoculations?

to prevent a flu Inoculations can prevent you from getting many diseases, some fatal and some merely inconvenient. If a large enough group of people in a given area are inocu ( Full Answer )
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What inoculation for Jamaica?

You don't need anything for Jamaica, not unless it's a malaria vaccine (if there is one, if not then just get a good repellent like Skin so Soft) There's been an outbreak of i ( Full Answer )
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When to inoculate kittens?

Kittens need their first vaccinations at 9 weeks and another at 12 weeks. After that, they will only need an "booster" every year.