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How can you tell if your rear drum brake adjuster is inoperable?

  Answer     On most cars and light trucks, this is accomplished by removing the drum and examining the star wheel mechanism. If it is not turnable by hand (or b (MORE)

Why would the red power LED on a Cony mini hi-fi system model No hcd-cpx22 flash and the system become inoperable?

  Answer     you have to replace transistor Q906 (2SC1623) in to a 2SC639, this transistor you wil find on the main board and you will see it hes been heated, it (MORE)

How do you remove a window regulator that has a inoperable motor and is in the full closed position?

inoperable window regulator . \nType of car would help. Some regulators bolt in, some are held in with rivots that must be drilled out. You should be able to take the reg (MORE)

Can you sue a property mngmt co for false advertsing on a weeks beach rental if things like the pool cable internet phone are inoperable and yet were advertised as amenities in all advertisements?

  False advertising is, in essence, exactly what the name implies: the passing off of goods or services (yours or a competitor's) as something or someone's they are not. I (MORE)