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What does inquisitive mean?

given to inquiry, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious: an inquisitive mind. . Inquisitive describes a person who wants to learn things. (MORE)
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What is the Catholic inquisition?

The goal of the Inquisition (15th-17th centuries) was to enforceCatholicism in Spain and in Spanish territories. Torture wasconsidered legitimate by the inquisitors. As under (MORE)
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What is inquisition?

The Spanish Inquisition was the Roman Catholic judicial institution established to combat. It was introduced in Mexico and Peru as well as in Sicily and the Netherlands and it (MORE)
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Was the Inquisition communism?

No. The Inquisition was a Catholic institution that sniffed out heretics and 'insincere' converts from Judaism and Islam.
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What was Inquisition?

the inquisition was a system that began during medeival times during the year 1184. The system's purpose was to search out heretics and prosecute them (as in kill them). The i (MORE)
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What does Inquisition mean?

1. A former tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church (1232-1820) crea ted to discover and suppress heresy. 2.A severe interrogation (often voilating the rights of privacy of in (MORE)
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Why was inquisition established?

There was big money for those church leaders who tortured heretics. Greed is the primary cause of the Inquisition.
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What does the inquisition do?

The Inquisition was a group of institutions within the judicial system of the Roman Catholic Church whose aimwas to combat heresy .
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The purpose of the Inquisition was to?

The purpose of the inquisitions was to locate, punish and preventmany heresies that were causing disturbances among society.
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What was the Inquisition?

The Inquisition was a group if institutions within the governmentsystem of the Catholic Church, whose aim was to combat heresy. Itstarted in 12th century France and spread to (MORE)