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What is insanity?

To be sane is to have your wits about you, to understand what you're doing and where you are and be able to be a normal and functional member of society. Being INsane is the o (MORE)

What rhymes with insane?

membrane There are many words the rhyme with insane. Some of these include: . bane . brain . cane . chain . dane . drain . feign . gain . grain . lane . main . (MORE)

How do you act insane?

Go Nuts. act like me!!! sit on the floor and laugh like somone just told you the funniest joke in the world. my parents says it scares them when i do that....but i do it anyw (MORE)

Is Obama insane?

You may disagree with his policies, but there is no evidence that he is insane.

Why is Ann insane?

Peanuts are native to the tropics of the Americas, and were mashed to become a pasty substance by the Aztec Native Americans hundreds of years ago. Evidence of peanut butter (MORE)

Was Mozart insane?

Mozart was mentally unstable but of course there wasn't a hospitalto put him in. He was a genius creating the compsitions of musicthat we know today.

Insane in a sentence?

Example sentence - As soon as the evaluations were completed andreviewed, the man was declared not guilty by reason of insanity andsent to a secure treatment center.

Is Elmo insane?

This is an insane question itself. Many children adore Elmo. Pepole are just too cool to admit that they too, watched Elmo,or Barney