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How do insects mate?

Male Stick Insects will clutch to the back of a female and will join genital openings at the end of each of their tails/abdomens in order for the male to fertilize the eggs. A (MORE)

What makes a insect a insect?

For an Animal to be classified as an Insect it has to have an exoskeleton, a three-part body (head, thorax, and abdomen), Three Pairs of legs (6 legs) compound eyes, and two a (MORE)
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Why is a centipede not an insect?

Insects are characterized by presenting three pairs of legs and all  but two orders of insects also presented two pairs of wings at some  point in their evolutionary history (MORE)

Which insect is called king of insects?

The king of insects would be the ant. This is because the ant has a  huge population all around the world, they have extreme powers of  destruction and they have superior or (MORE)

Why are centipedes not insects?

A centipede does not have three segments - head, thorax and abdomen. It does not have six legs. Both of these make it not an insect.
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Which insect is the deadliest insect in the world?

an African mosquito I would say that basically mosquitoes anywhere in the world are the deadliest insects. Malaria is a problem in many places, not just Africa. Plus mosquit (MORE)

Can insects eat other insects?

Yes they can. Many insects are predacious on other insects, such as lady beetles, ground beetles, lacewings, dragonflies, etc., and many insect families whose relatives are he (MORE)

What insects morph?

Insects that go through metamorphosis are considered morphing  insects. Some morphing insects include butterflies and moths.  Butterflies and moths start out as a caterpilla (MORE)