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What is a pesticide and an insecticide?

Killers of pests and of insects are what pesticides and insecticides respectively are. Specifically, the ending "-cide" is a suffix which refers to the ending of life. It t ( Full Answer )
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What does insecticide mean?

A substance that kills insect; a toxic substance used to control populations of insects by killing them.
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What is the insecticide?

A product designed to kill insects/cide is to kill. Fungicide-kills fungus Miticide-kills mites Avicide-kills birds, etc etc.
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Can an ampalaya be a insecticide?

for me , yes it can kill insects because of its bad odor, and by the help also of the materials/ingredients. . .
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What is a botanical insecticide?

Do you mean biological insecticide or botanical insecticide? the terms are close, but they describe two different things. A botanical insecticide is one that is obtained from ( Full Answer )
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How does insecticide get on insects?

Atmospheric drift and surface or systemic contact are ways by which insecticide gets on insects. Atmospheric drift describes the movement of granules and particles -- beyond t ( Full Answer )
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Are insecticides harmful?

Yes, thats how they kill off bugs. Small quantities would not harm us (eg: on fruit and veg), but if we drunk large quantities, it would make us very ill.
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Why do foxes have insecticide?

Foxes generally don't have insecticide. If their bodies do contain insecticides, it is from consuming animals that have consumed insects affected by insecticides.
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What is inorganic insecticide?

Inorganic insecticides are those which do not contain carbon as there major element and these are used to kill insects but are harmfull for humans and other beneficial living ( Full Answer )