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What is insidious?

Insidious is to progress in a gradual, subtule way, but with harmful effects. Like STDs.
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What does insidious mean?

Insidious is an adjective for proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects; treacherous; crafty. Example sentence: The agency was investigating the insidiou (MORE)
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Insidiously in a sentence?

Insidious is used to describe something or someone who ispurposeful and clever in their treachery or harmful plans. Anexample sentence might be: Sarah insidiously started a ru (MORE)
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Insidious in a sentence?

The insidious disease seemed like just a harmless cold at first, but then killed its victims in the end.
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What is the movie Insidious about?

Insidious is a horror movie that is based on a family that believes the house they live in now is haunted but actually it is the Son that was haunted and was being taken over (MORE)
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What rating is insidious?

I think it's R-rated False. Insidious is PG-13. Although, I think it should be R because it scared the hell out of me.
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Will there be insidious 2?

insidios1 was a great one so i just hope that it will be a 2 N 3...........
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What is insidious about?

Insidious is about a boy who goes into a coma and his parents sees demons enter their house. So they call a psychiatrist to help them and she brings two ghost catchers. They t (MORE)
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Is insidious an adjective?

Yes, it is. From the same root word as seditious , it meanstreacherous or damaging in a beguiling or subtle way, e.g aninsidious plot.
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Who directed insidious?

The film, Insidious, was directed by James Wan. The film was released in April 2011.