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What does insoluble mean?

Insoluble means unable to be dissolved (as in liquids, usually water). for example iron filings are insoluble - they cannot be dissolved in water It means it won't dissolve in (MORE)

What is insoluble fiber?

Fiber in plant cell walls is insoluble in water. These include cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. Insoluble fiber binds water as it passes through the digestive tract, maki (MORE)

What is an insoluble substance?

an insoluble substance is a solid that cannot be dissolved in a solvent (a liquid, like water that solutes dissolve in). an example of this is sand.when they grew into the sol (MORE)
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Why is cellulose insoluble?

In cellulose, glucose monomers are added to produce linear polymer chains that can align side by side, favouring interchain hydrogen bonding. These interchain links produce a (MORE)
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What are insoluble fibers?

insoluble fibers can not be broken down by bacteria in the large intestine and doesnt dissolve in water.
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What are insoluble substances?

  If an object/substance has high density, it is most likely insoluble. Insoluble substances are incapable of dissolving in water. This is true for alluminum, copper, gold (MORE)
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Why is AgBr insoluble?

All silver halides are insoluble. It has to do with the relatively  low electronegativity difference between silver and bromine; also a  concept called "Fajan's Rule," which (MORE)