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What is a insoluble?

Insoluble means that a substance does not dissolve in another substance. A substance may be insoluble in one substance, but soluble in another substance.
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What is does insoluble mean?

'does not dissolve' e.g Salt is soluble in water because it dissolves in water. Sand is insoluble in water because it does not dissolve in it. Insoluble means dose not melt (MORE)

Is glycine insoluble?

I use glycine to neutralize Cidex chemicals (25g per gallon of Cidex) and the majority of the crystals will dissolve. I'm not sure if glycine is soluble in regular tap water.
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What can be soluble and insoluble?

Something that is soluble can dissolve in a liquid (like sugar in water), but something that insoluble cannot (like rocks in water).
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Why is oxygen insoluble?

I am taking my second semester of Chemistry at university, and I think that O2 is insoluble because the electronegativity between the two atoms of O is less than 0.5.
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What are insoluble fibers?

insoluble fibers can not be broken down by bacteria in the large intestine and doesnt dissolve in water.

What is insoluble salts?

These salts are insoluble in water (a solubility uner 1 g/L may beconsidered as insolubility). Examples: silver chloride, calciumcarbonate, boron nitride, etc.
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Why is petrol insoluble?

because it is an oil and has very low density i.e its lighter than water so it doesn't mixes with water but when you add vinegar to it, it will dissolve.
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Is Bacl2 insoluble?

The chemical formula Bacl2 is for barium chloride. Barium chloride is an inorganic compound that is soluble. It has a solubility of 37.5g/ 100ml in water at 26 degrees Celsiu (MORE)