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What is inspiration?

Inspiration is something that motivates you towards your goal; that gives you a great idea that you feel urged to implement. The word "inspiration" is also used to mean the s (MORE)
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How can you get inspiration?

Well, lots of places. Search "inspiration" on the internet. You can find quotes, videos, and stories of inspiring people and actions. Just believe in yourself and go do what e (MORE)

Who was inspired by Chopin?

A great many composers and interpreters were inspired by chopin. Arthur rubenstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Franz Liszt, Robert Shumann, Hector Berlioz, Alexander Scriabin, Sergei (MORE)

What was Cleopatra's inspiration?

Nerifetti the long dead Queen of Egypt by Cleopatra's time (hated 4 believing in 1 god) There is no definitive answer one who inspired Cleopatra. It couldhave been her ancesto (MORE)

Why is Buddha inspirational?

Buddha is a fitting role model for us all: . He was born into a life of luxury but left it when he felt there was more to existence than extravegant consumption . He attem (MORE)
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Who inspire you?

my mom inspire me because she means the world to me and she is a good role model..
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Who has inspired you?

Queen Elizabeth inspired me.Plus, what also inspired me is Amelia Earhart . She made me wonder where she had gone. Futhermore, the blackhole is also what inspired me. Finally, (MORE)