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What is instance?

Answer . An individual object of a certain class. While a class is just the type definition, an actual usage of a class is called "instance". Each instance of a class can h ( Full Answer )
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What is Schema and instances?

In DBMS,Schema is the overall Design of the Database.Instance is the information stored in the Database at a particular moment.In programming,you declare a variable which corr ( Full Answer )
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What does instances mean?

Instances is a WoW slang term for dungeons. Instance entrance is the Entrance to the dungeon.
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What is meant by an instance?

Answer Java: In Java an instance refers to an object of a particular type. For example ArrayList lst = new ArrayList(); now lst is an instance of type ArrayList. You can ( Full Answer )
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What is an oracle instance?

Instance is a combination of memory structure and process structure. Memory structure is SGA and Process structure is background processes.. SGA - System or Shared Global Are ( Full Answer )
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What is an instances?

An example that is cited to prove or invalidate a contention or illustrate a point. See synonyms or a case or an occurrence
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What is the opposite of instance?

There is no opposite of instance (event, occasion, example). The opposite of "a single instance" could be a repetition, pattern, or history.
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What is Entity instances?

Entity instance is a single occurrence of an entity type. Also known as an instance. Unlike entity type, many instances of entity type may be represented by data stored in the ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of instances?

The plural term instances are examples of occurrences or events. A certain type of activity or action may have occurred a few or numerous times, and each would be an instance. ( Full Answer )
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What is an instance of an object?

A typical "example". For instance, the computer your are using to view this answer is just an instance of (the class Personal Computer ), there maybe an "identical" setup ( Full Answer )