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What is instance in Java?

instance concrete implementaiton of class, means class is like a blue print for a project and instance is the one which implements the blue print

What is instance?

Answer . An individual object of a certain class. While a class is just the type definition, an actual usage of a class is called "instance". Each instance of a class can h (MORE)
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What is instances in dbms?

Instances is collection of the Information store in the database at a particular moment is called Instances This answres form Vishal N Dobariya

What is the definition of instance?

One can have an instance of a class or a particular object. The instance is the actual object created at runtime. In programmer jargon, the Lassie object is an instance of the (MORE)

What is an instance in vbnet?

An instance in VBNet is the same as an instance in any otherlanguage; it is the realisation of a type. In object-orientedlanguages, like VBNet, we say that an object is an ins (MORE)
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What is the opposite of instances?

Categories. Categories cannot be the same as instances. Well, in the degenerate case, each category contains exactly one instance. Even then, they are not the same.