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How can you send instant message to other mobile phones?

These are called SMS (Short Message Service) your operator and your phone and your subscription and the recipients operator, phone, subscription must support the functioin.  (MORE)

What is instant flour?

  Instant flour is a granular flour that dissolves quickly to thicken gravies, sauces, custards and other dishes. Wondra is a brand of instant flour.   Instant flour is (MORE)

How do you stop your internet from freezing up and having to restart your computer everytime you access the web or use instant message?

  Answer     If you take off your start-up programs, it may help. On windows XP go to the start button, run and type in msconfig. At the top of the window there (MORE)

Is there a way to trace a instant messages?

yes there is a special hard drive that monitours everything that you do in your computer and can be actually looked at and everything you've ever saved or looked at on your co (MORE)

Is Instant Messaging streaming or downloading?

Neither really. Streaming refers to watching videos live or over the internet. It is also used to refer to webcams. Downloading means that you install or save a program or fil (MORE)
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Email instant messaging and most web traffic go across the Internet in the clear that is anyone who can capture that information can read it?

In many cases this is true. If people are able to get that  information and it is not protected, they are able to read it.  However, definitely not in all cases. It depends (MORE)

What is the difference between email and instant messaging?

Emails take several seconds to send and you have to click to view each message whereas instant messaging is instant and has one screen showing both yours and the other persons (MORE)

What is the best instant messaging system? best by far.. simple.. links brilliantly with facebook/twitter.. can embed into blogs, easily post videos/pics... My friend uses MSN Messenger. Most mo (MORE)

How is instant messaging different from texting?

The texting service (Short Message Service, SMS) is a service provided for mobile phones. This is done through communication protocols over mobile networks (GSM).  On the oth (MORE)