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Is there a way to trace a instant messages?

yes there is a special hard drive that monitours everything that you do in your computer and can be actually looked at and everything you've ever saved or looked at on your co (MORE)

Is Instant Messaging streaming or downloading?

Neither really. Streaming refers to watching videos live or over the internet. It is also used to refer to webcams. Downloading means that you install or save a program or fil (MORE)

What was ICQ as related to instant messaging?

ICQ (A cute acronym of "I Seek You") is still around. ICQ could be compared to MSN Instant Messanger or Yahoo Instant Messenger. The main difference is what "network" of insta (MORE)

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What is the best instant messaging system? best by far.. simple.. links brilliantly with facebook/twitter.. can embed into blogs, easily post videos/pics... My friend uses MSN Messenger. Most mo (MORE)

How does chat differ from instant message?

Chat is a form of real-time direct text-based communication between two or more people using personal computers or other devices, along with shared software clients. More adva (MORE)

How is instant messaging different from texting?

The texting service (Short Message Service, SMS) is a service provided for mobile phones. This is done through communication protocols over mobile networks (GSM).  On the oth (MORE)

What is the risk of instant messaging?

Instant  messaging is very popular in consumer sector. However, it has yet  to be used widely in the commercial sector as e-mail is currently  used. The major drawback has (MORE)