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What is instill?

here is a definition. VerbGradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude, esp. a desirable one) in a person's mind: "instill values".Put (a substance) into something in (MORE)

Instill in a sentence?

To use 'instill" in a sentence, you might say, " I am trying to  instill these excellent virtues so that you will live a good life  as an adult." The word instill means grad (MORE)

Are direct tv instilations free?

Installations are usually included when you sign up online or call them --------- If you are thinking about ordering and you tell them you were refereed by a friend (My Ac (MORE)
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What does the word instill mean?

Instill is a verb that means to gradually or slowly but firmly establish something. It is commonly referred to when raising children, e.g. Susy's parents instilled the value (MORE)
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What does an offshore instillation manager do?

An offshore instillation manager is like a plant manager of a offshore platform (platform in the water that drills for oil). She/he oversees the entire platform and is respon (MORE)